Advance Content Writing & Chat GPT Course (Live Online)

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About Course

KAE Education’s Advance Content Writing & Chat GPT Course is a comprehensive 60-hour instructor-led live training program designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to excel in content writing and Chat GPT.

This course is suitable for individuals seeking to enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, whether for academic, professional, or personal growth purposes.
Throughout the course, participants will explore the fundamentals of content writing, learn advanced strategies for content analysis and deconstruction, and apply their knowledge in practical applications and a capstone project. The course covers a wide range of topics, including content writing styles, formats, and requirements, as well as advanced techniques for brainstorming, structuring content, and optimizing content for SEO.
In addition to the core curriculum, participants will learn about Chat GPT, including its capabilities, limitations, and applications. They will learn how to build, train, and fine-tune Chat GPT models, as well as evaluate and improve Chat GPT performance. The course also covers advanced strategies for Chat GPT, including best practices, enterprise applications, and ethical considerations.
By the end of the course, participants will have developed a personalized content writing and Chat GPT approach, mastered advanced content analysis and deconstruction techniques, and gained the confidence to apply their skills in real-world scenarios. This course is ideal for individuals seeking to elevate their content writing and Chat GPT skills to the expert level, and is suitable for learners of all backgrounds and experience levels.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Gain a firm understanding of prompt engineering and ChatGPT plugins for productivity.
  • Get hands-on experience with tools like Dall-E 2, Midjourney, Bard, Hugging Face, NLG Cloud, and
  • Learn about ChatGPT for productivity, language skills, generative AI tools, creative writing, fine-tuning ChatGPT, and email writing.
  • Develop skills in Building an AI-powered chatbot, Deploying and Integrating ChatGPT in Business Applications, and Exploring ChatGPT API.
  • Access Two-way Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions and Certification to distinguish your profile with global credentials.
  • Engage in projects, guaranteed internships, and placement support through Placement Drives and a Premium Job portal.
  • Access Masterclass Sessions for essential soft skill development and Free Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® E-Learning.
  • Receive mentorship from successful entrepreneurs to set up a sustainable and scalable business from scratch.
  • Learn about ChatGPT for Content Creators, AI-Powered Content Writing, Productivity, and Social Media Marketing.
  • Understand how to use ChatGPT to create high-quality content quickly, repurpose content, optimize for SEO, and create social media posts in bulk.
  • Gain insights into using ChatGPT for code completion, sentiment analysis, data visualization, text classification, and more.
  • Learn strategies for prompt design, effective narrowing, and utilizing ChatGPT as a virtual tutor or librarian.
  • Understand the policy options for incorporating ChatGPT in undergraduate courses and documentation guidelines for ChatGPT usage.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Content Writing and Chat GPT

  • Overview of Content Writing
  • Introduction to Chat GPT
  • Applications and Importance of Content Writing and Chat GPT
  • KAE Education’s Approach to Advance Content Writing and Chat GPT

Module 2: Fundamentals of Content Writing

Module 3: Techniques for Content Writing

Module 4: Advanced Strategies in Content Writing

Module 5: Introduction to Chat GPT

Module 6: Techniques for Chat GPT

Module 7: Advanced Strategies for Chat GPT

Module 8: Practical Applications of Content Writing and Chat GPT

Module 9: Mastering Content Writing and Chat GPT

Module 10: Special Topics in Content Writing and Chat GPT

Module 11: Capstone Project