Artificial Intelligence Course (Live Online)

Categories: AI & Machine Learning
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Batch Dates (January, 2024 to December, 2024)
January 6-Jan-2024 13-Jan-2024 20-Jan-2024 27-Jan-2024
February 4-Feb-2024 11-Feb-2024 18-Feb-2024 25-Feb-2024
March 3-Mar-2024 10-Mar-2024 17-Mar-2024 24-Mar-2024
April 7-Apr-2024 14-Apr-2024 21-Apr-2024 28-Apr-2024
May 5-May-2024 12-May-2024 19-May-2024 26-May-2024
June 2-Jun-2024 9-Jun-2024 16-Jun-2024 23-Jun-2024
July 7-Jul-2024 14-Jul-2024 21-Jul-2024 28-Jul-2024
August 4-Aug-2024 11-Aug-2024 18-Aug-2024 25-Aug-2024
September 8-Sep-2024 15-Sep-2024 22-Sep-2024 29-Sep-2024
October 6-Oct-2024 13-Oct-2024 20-Oct-2024 27-Oct-2024
November 3-Nov-2024 10-Nov-2024 17-Nov-2024 24-Nov-2024
December 8-Dec-2024 15-Dec-2024 22-Dec-2024 29-Dec-2024

Unlock the limitless potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with our comprehensive 32-hour course designed to immerse you in the intricacies of this transformative technology. Whether you’re a beginner seeking an introduction to AI or a professional looking to deepen your expertise, this course covers foundational concepts, cutting-edge techniques, and real-world applications. Led by industry experts, our curriculum ensures a dynamic learning experience that prepares you for the evolving landscape of AI.

Course Overview:

This 32-hour Artificial Intelligence Course provides a comprehensive understanding of AI concepts, machine learning algorithms, and practical applications. The course includes hands-on coding sessions, case studies, and a capstone project to ensure participants gain practical experience in implementing AI solutions.


Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Foundations of AI:
    • Understand the evolution and types of AI.
    • Grasp the ethical considerations shaping AI development.
  2. Machine Learning Fundamentals:
    • Explore the basics of supervised and unsupervised learning.
    • Dive into feature engineering and evaluation metrics.
  3. Deep Learning Mastery:
    • Learn neural network basics and backpropagation.
    • Apply Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs).
  4. Natural Language Processing (NLP):
    • Process and tokenize text data.
    • Implement sentiment analysis and Named Entity Recognition (NER).
  5. AI in Computer Vision:
    • Apply image processing techniques.
    • Develop models for object detection and image classification.
  6. Reinforcement Learning:
    • Grasp the fundamentals of reinforcement learning.
    • Implement Q-learning and policy gradient methods.
  7. Ethics and Responsible AI:
    • Navigate ethical considerations in AI applications.
    • Embrace responsible AI practices and mitigate biases.
  8. AI in Business and Industry:
    • Explore AI applications across diverse industries.
    • Analyze business opportunities and challenges in AI implementation.
  9. Hands-On Projects and Capstone Experience:
    • Apply learned concepts through real-world projects.
    • Present your final project, showcasing practical AI applications.

Why Choose the Artificial Intelligence Course at KAE Education:

  • Expert-Led Instruction:
    • Learn from seasoned industry professionals with a wealth of AI experience.
  • Practical Hands-On Experience:
    • Gain real-world insights through hands-on projects and applications.
  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum:
    • Stay ahead with the latest advancements in AI technologies.
  • Global Recognition:
    • Receive a prestigious certification, globally acknowledged as a mark of AI proficiency.
  • Career Advancement:
    • Acquire skills sought after by industries across diverse sectors, opening new career avenues.

Enroll now to embark on a transformative AI learning journey that combines theory with practical application, preparing you to lead in the dynamic field of Artificial Intelligence.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Foundations of AI
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals
  • Deep Learning Mastery
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • AI in Computer Vision
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Ethics and Responsible AI
  • AI in Business and Industry
  • Hands-On Projects and Capstone Experience

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • Overview of Artificial Intelligence
  • Historical Development
  • Key Concepts and Terminology
  • Applications of AI in Various Fields

Module 2: Machine Learning Fundamentals

Module 3: Python Programming for AI

Module 4: Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Module 5: Computer Vision

Module 6: AI in Practice

Module 7: Capstone Project