Workday Advance Studio Training (Live Online)

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Workday Advance Studio with the comprehensive and hands-on Workday Advance Studio Training (Live Online) course at KAE Education.


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Batch Dates (January, 2024 to December, 2024)
January 6-Jan-2024 13-Jan-2024 20-Jan-2024 27-Jan-2024
February 4-Feb-2024 11-Feb-2024 18-Feb-2024 25-Feb-2024
March 3-Mar-2024 10-Mar-2024 17-Mar-2024 24-Mar-2024
April 7-Apr-2024 14-Apr-2024 21-Apr-2024 28-Apr-2024
May 5-May-2024 12-May-2024 19-May-2024 26-May-2024
June 2-Jun-2024 9-Jun-2024 16-Jun-2024 23-Jun-2024
July 7-Jul-2024 14-Jul-2024 21-Jul-2024 28-Jul-2024
August 4-Aug-2024 11-Aug-2024 18-Aug-2024 25-Aug-2024
September 8-Sep-2024 15-Sep-2024 22-Sep-2024 29-Sep-2024
October 6-Oct-2024 13-Oct-2024 20-Oct-2024 27-Oct-2024
November 3-Nov-2024 10-Nov-2024 17-Nov-2024 24-Nov-2024
December 8-Dec-2024 15-Dec-2024 22-Dec-2024 29-Dec-2024


Workday Advanced Studio with the comprehensive and hands-on Workday Advance Studio Training (Live Online) course at KAE Education. This program, delivered over 48 hours, is designed for professionals looking to elevate their Workday integration and customization skills. Led by industry experts, this course combines theoretical knowledge with practical application, empowering participants to design, build, and optimize Workday integrations tailored to organizational needs.

Key Highlights:

  • Duration: 48 Hours (Live Online)
  • Delivery Mode: Interactive Live Sessions, Hands-On Labs, and Real-world Projects
  • Prerequisites: Basic Understanding of Workday
  • Certification Preparation: Enhance Skills for Workday Advanced Studio Certification
  • Target Audience: Workday Integration Developers, HR Professionals, System Administrators


Why Choose Workday Advance Studio Training at KAE Education:

  • Live Online Instruction:
    • Engage in real-time learning with experienced Workday Advanced Studio experts.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum:
    • Cover foundational and advanced aspects of Workday Advanced Studio.
  • Hands-On Labs:
    • Practical exercises and hands-on labs for real-world application.
  • Certification Preparation:
  • Career Advancement:
    • Acquire skills for roles in Workday integration development and administration.


The future of Workday Advanced Studio training holds significant promise as the demand for skilled Workday professionals continues to surge, driven by the widespread adoption of cloud-based HR solutions. This specialized training equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to create custom applications and integrations tailored for the Workday platform, positioning them as invaluable resources within organizations.


Upon successful completion of Workday Advanced Studio training, individuals can pursue a variety of job roles and designations, including:


  • Workday Studio Consultant: Responsible for the design, development, and implementation of intricate integrations using Workday Advanced Studio.

  • Workday Integration Specialist: Focuses on the creation and maintenance of integrations between Workday and other systems utilizing Workday Studio.

  • Workday Application Developer: Tasked with developing custom applications and extensions for the Workday platform using Workday Advanced Studio.

  • Workday Solution Architect: Designs and supervises the implementation of Workday solutions, incorporating Workday Advanced Studio for custom development.

  • Workday Certified Professional: Demonstrates proficiency in Workday products and technologies, including Workday Advanced Studio, through certification examinations.

Workday Advanced Studio training caters to a diverse range of professionals, including HR managers, IT specialists, business analysts, and project managers. Mastery of Workday Advanced Studio not only enhances career prospects but also enables individuals to command higher salaries and make substantial contributions to the success of their respective organizations.


As Workday continues to expand its market presence and introduce new features, the demand for Workday Advanced Studio experts is expected to escalate. Investing in Workday Advanced Studio training represents a strategic move that can unlock a plethora of opportunities for individuals seeking to advance their careers within the realms of HR and IT.


The comprehensive training provided in Workday Advanced Studio equips individuals with the expertise to navigate the complexities of the Workday platform, empowering them to create tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of organizations. By honing their skills in Workday Advanced Studio, professionals can position themselves as indispensable assets capable of driving innovation and efficiency within their workplaces.


The practical knowledge gained through Workday Advanced Studio training enables individuals to tackle real-world challenges effectively, whether it involves streamlining HR processes, integrating disparate systems, or developing custom applications to enhance organizational performance. This hands-on experience not only enhances technical proficiency but also fosters a deep understanding of how Workday solutions can be leveraged to drive business success.


In conclusion, Workday Advanced Studio training offers a gateway to a multitude of rewarding career opportunities for individuals looking to carve a niche in the dynamic fields of HR and IT. By investing in this specialized training, professionals can stay ahead of the curve, adapt to evolving industry trends, and position themselves as indispensable assets in the ever-changing landscape of cloud-based HR solutions.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the role of Workday Advanced Studio in integration landscapes.
  • Explore key features and benefits of Workday Advanced Studio.
  • Navigate the Advanced Studio interface.
  • Build and configure integration systems in Workday Advanced Studio.
  • Understand data sources and transformation.
  • Utilize Workday Connectors for seamless integration.
  • Configure connector security and authentication.
  • Troubleshoot connector issues effectively.
  • Implement advanced data transformation techniques.
  • Manipulate and format data for integration purposes.
  • Handle complex data structures within Workday Advanced Studio.
  • Create custom integrations tailored to organizational needs.
  • Design web services for communication with external systems.
  • Ensure data security in custom integrations.
  • Implement effective error handling mechanisms.
  • Utilize debugging techniques in Workday Advanced Studio.
  • Adopt best practices for troubleshooting integration issues.
  • Apply learned concepts in real-world integration scenarios.
  • Engage in project workshops and group activities.
  • Present and evaluate projects for practical proficiency.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Workday Advanced Studio

  • Overview of Workday Advanced Studio
  • Key Features and Benefits
  • Role in Workday Integration Landscape

Module 2: Advanced Studio Basics

Module 3: Workday Connectors

Module 4: Advanced Data Transformation

Module 5: Custom Integrations and Web Services

Module 6: Error Handling and Debugging

Module 7: Hands-On Projects and Case Studies